What Are The Most Common Signs That I May Be Headed For Divorce? Orlando Divorce Lawyer
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What Are the Most Common Signs That I May Be Headed for Divorce?


When it comes to deciding whether or not you want to seek a divorce, one question that therapists and other experts sometimes suggest you ask yourself is what your ultimate goal is and whether divorce is your best option to achieve it. While seeking counseling can help you in answering this question – as well as related questions – there really is no one telltale sign that you should get a divorce; but rather, a number of factors to weigh in this decision.

Below we discuss some of the red flags that some experts have identified may be associated with a couple heading for divorce:

You are no longer eating dinner together

While this may seem like a minor issue, it could also be an indication of something more major, such as the beginning of a disjointed relationship and the loss of connection.

One partner is suffering from addiction and refuses to get help

This isn’t just limited to alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc., but severe mental health issues or anything that could be endangering you or others.

You are only still together because of your kids

While a common assumption might be that staying together is best for your children, keep in mind that, for a number of children, their parents staying together – even though they wanted and should’ve gotten divorced – can end up doing more damage because they are sometimes exposed to an unhealthy relationship and behaviors. In addition, research continues to change and evolve concerning whether divorce more significantly impacts kids who have already left home versus very small children under the age of seven, for example.

Ultimately, if you are staying together only for children you may no longer have a connection with your partner or you may have invested so much of the children that you have neglected the relationship

You are no longer having any fun together

The absence of fun indicates a certain amount of resentment that can be difficult for couples to get past.

Other Red Flags

Other signs that you may be headed for divorce can include the following:

  • You are living separate lives; for example, making decisions without your partner even entering your awareness;
  • You are no longer physically intimate;
  • You would be fine if they started seeing someone else;
  • You have lost respect for them and/or you make very important decisions without consulting each other;
  • They talk about you disrespectfully to other people and/or make fun of you during arguments;
  • You don’t want to come home and/or the sound of your partner arriving fills you with anxiety;
  • You no longer see them with empathy or tenderness;
  • The thought of ending the relationship is a relief to you.

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