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In today’s world, divorce is a fact of life, but as experienced divorce lawyers, we realize that doesn’t make it any easier. Coming to terms with the end of your marriage is difficult, to put it mildly. You must make many decisions that will likely affect you financially and emotionally for years to come, and if you have children, you must make choices to protect their health and happiness as well. Having a supportive, knowledgeable Orlando divorce lawyer on your side can make all the difference in helping you feel confident, in control, and prepared to begin your next chapter when the divorce process is complete. At the Arwani Law Firm our divorce lawyers work together as a team to protect our clients’ interests and achieve the best possible resolution in every case.

What You Need to Know about Divorce in Florida

Florida is a no-fault divorce state, which means either spouse can seek a divorce without proving any reason for it other than the spouses don’t want to be married anymore. The spouse seeking divorce simply needs to state that the marriage is “irretrievably broken,” and the court assigns no blame for the failure of the marriage. Because fault is not a legal factor in ending most marriages, the key issues in most divorce cases include:

  • Whether either spouse is entitled to alimony
  • The care and financial support of any minor children
  • Making a parenting plan and timesharing schedule for any minor children
  • The division of marital assets and debts
  • The restoration of non-marital assets and debts to each individual
  • The existence of any prenuptial agreement or postnuptial agreement, and whether its terms should be enforced

At the Arwani Law Firm our Orlando divorce lawyers work personally with our clients and tailor each case toward individual needs. When you come to us for divorce help, we will approach your concerns with compassion, integrity and professionalism. Whenever possible, our team strives to help our clients resolve divorce issues quickly and amicably, with practical solutions geared toward avoiding conflict and protracted legal proceedings. However, when resolution cannot be reached and you need a strong advocate on your behalf, we’ll protect what’s important to you with our most thorough and aggressive representation.

Contact the Arwani Law Firm in Orlando for high-quality divorce representation and sound legal advice for handling your family law concerns.

If you are facing divorce, our team will provide you with the personal attention, effective counsel, and straightforward answers you need during this difficult time. Our individual approach and client-based services are what set our firm apart from other divorce lawyers in Orlando. Please contact our office to schedule a consultation, so we can learn the details of your case and start developing a strategy to handle your divorce on your terms.

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