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Facing a legal matter is never easy, even under the best circumstances. There are difficult questions to answer and procedural decisions to make in every case, whether you’re considering divorce, making an injury claim, or facing criminal charges. Add the emotional stress of knowing the choices you make now could affect you for the rest of your life, and it’s easy to understand how people are derailed by legal issues. If you’re in a situation where you think you need a lawyer, you do need a lawyer. An experienced Orlando family & personal injury lawyer will keep you on track, moving forward toward a positive resolution of your legal concern, and a brighter future at the end of the tunnel.

Our goal is to help clients overcome adversity.

At the Arwani Law Firm PLLC, our attorneys focus primarily in three areas of law—family law, personal injury, and criminal defense. No matter the legal concern that brings you to us, we have the same priorities:

  • We work together as a team on every case to ensure our clients receive the benefit of each of our strengths.
  • We always strive to get the most work done for our clients, and put in the time necessary to satisfy our clients’ economic and emotional goals.
  • We work with our clients and the opposition to negotiate favorable outcomes to difficult situations, but we won’t hesitate to litigate to protect our clients’ best interests.
  • We maintain communication and accessibility, keeping our clients informed with updates and responding promptly to any questions.
  • We understand our clients need support and guidance as well as aggressive advocacy, so we provide personalized attention and carefully considered advice.

Please explore our website to learn more about your specific legal concern and our approach to handling a variety of family law, personal injury, and criminal defense matters.

We work to get the best results for our clients with the least strife.

Many people collapse under the pressure of divorce and other difficult legal matters, like a serious car accident or an arrest. We believe an important part of providing effective legal representation is to lighten our clients’ emotional burdens and help them rebuild their lives. Our attorneys provide local representation in Orlando and care about each of our clients individually. From complex divorce matters – like those involving high assets, timesharing disputes, or relocation – to car accidents and wrongful death cases to criminal charges, we will treat your case with the care and consideration it deserves, and you deserve. We understand that when you need an attorney, it usually is not a choice—you need representation for a family issue, someone injured you, or you made a bad decision or are a victim of circumstance. You can count on the Arwani Law Firm PLLC to stand by you and see you through your legal matter until it is completely resolved.

There are two sides to every story. Let us tell yours.

One similar aspect of all our practice areas is that there are always two sides to every story. In divorce, there is each spouse’s take on the marriage, which are often very different. After an accident, there is the injury victim’s retelling of events, which the insurance company will attempt to discredit. In a criminal case, the prosecution will paint a picture, which the defense must erase and redraw. You need an Orlando personal injury & family lawyer to tell your side of the story to get the ending you want. That’s what we do at the Arwani Law Firm PLLC. Let us tell your story with passion, persuasion, and your happy ending as our ultimate goal.

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What Clients Are
Saying About Us

5 Stars
I couldn't Believe It
Posted by Jason April 25, 2016

I first met Ms. Arwani through an interview process and was attracted to her compassion for her knowledge, under promise-over deliver process along with a double - triple team approach offered with the Arwani Law Firm. Most attorneys often have ulterior motives with only increased revenue in mind that ultimately leaves clients (my friends & families experiences) with a sour taste in their

5 Stars
Knowledgeable, Helpful and Assertive 5.0 stars
Posted by Angela October 17, 2016

I needed help in a bad and quick way. I called Rania's office and within a couple of hours they saw me and heard my story regarding my child custody battle. That afternoon, they told me what they suggested for me and my situation. By that afternoon, I hired them. Rania and Lacy have not fallen short of any of the early expectations they had initially discussed with me and I couldn't be happier with their performance, suggestions and advice.

5 Stars
Best Lawyer in Florida
Posted by Ayssel February 26, 2016

Rania Arwani is a great lawyer. She is really professional and knows what she is doing. She will not let you down. If you want to win, she is the one you should hire!!!

I hired her for an injunction against stalking and she helped win in court. She is really smart and she will do anything for her clients. Thanks to her i feel safer now.

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Arwani Law Firm PLLC

Meet Your Dedicated
Legal Team

Rania ArwaniManaging Shareholder

Rania Arwani, earned her B.B.A. in Finance at the University of Texas at Arlington prior earning her law degree from Barry University School of Law, and is the Managing Attorney and the co-founding partner of the Arwani Law Firm PLLC.


Lacy Nava received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Central Florida prior to attending Barry University School of Law and is a co-founding partner of the Arwani Law Firm PLLC.

Michael SigmanOf Counsel

Michael Sigman received his J.D. degree from American University. He was awarded "Best of the Bar" by Orlando Business Journal and and recognized by the Million Dollar Advocates Forum for outstanding achievment.

John Notari Of Counsel

John Notari acquired his J.D. degree from Cooley School of Law and his B.S. degree from University of Scranton. He has been a Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, and Appellate Attorney in Orlando, FL for 22 years.

Robert KovacevicParalegal

Robert Kovacevic began his career in the legal field after earning his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida (UCF) in December of 2014.

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At the Arwani Law Firm PLLC, our attorneys will work together to get you the best possible outcome in your case, while treating you with the utmost respect and compassion. When you meet with us, you’ll see we love what we do, and you’ll feel that enthusiasm as we work through your legal matter.

I acknowledge that contacting Arwani Nava, Attorneys at Law, PLLC., through this website does not create an attorney-client relationship and information I send is not protected by attorney-client privilege.

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