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Enforcement of Child Support, Timesharing & Alimony in Florida

Individuals who have been awarded child support and/or alimony often have concerns over whether their former spouse will consistently make support payments, and what to do if those payments stop. Another issue is when one parent fails to comply with the timesharing schedule approved or ordered by the court. It’s some reassurance to know child support, parenting time, and alimony are court orders. When a court order is not followed, courts have broad powers to enforce that order. At Arwani Law Firm our Orlando enforcement lawyers help clients enforce child support, timesharing, and alimony orders when the other party is not meeting their obligations. We also assist those facing enforcement actions.

How Courts Enforce Financial & Parental Obligations in Florida

When a party does not follow a court order or a parenting plan in Florida, courts have the power to enforce the orders through proceedings of contempt. It is very important to go through the appropriate legal channels to achieve enforcement. You cannot resort to your own devices to deal with the violation of a court order, such as by denying access to your children because your former spouse isn’t paying child support. By doing so, you will also be in violation of a court order, which could jeopardize your own legal rights and options to resolve the situation in your favor. Ways a court may enforce a child support, timesharing, or alimony order include, but are not limited to:

  • Income withholding or wage garnishment
  • Driver’s license, business license, professional license, and/or recreational license suspension
  • Federal income tax refund intercept
  • Personal property liens
  • Requiring make-up parenting time for the parent who was denied parenting time
  • Requiring either or both parents to attend a parenting course or family counseling at the expense of the non-compliant parent
  • Adding additional terms and conditions to the existing parenting plan
  • Modifying the parenting plan in the best interests of the child
  • Finding the non-compliant party in contempt of court, and imposing a fine or jail sentence

Because there are many ways courts go about enforcing child support, timesharing, and alimony orders in Florida, speaking with a knowledgeable Orlando family law attorney can help you determine which enforcement method would be most appropriate in your situation. We at Arwani Law Firm are ready to take the time to listen to your needs and provide you with meaningful legal advice that prioritizes your best interests. Our team has extensive experience with court order enforcement, and we can help you aggressively pursue a favorable outcome that meets your needs and remedies past wrongs.

If you need help with an enforcement action in Florida, our Orlando family lawyers can help.

Facing or pursuing an enforcement action is daunting and frustrating. You likely thought the issues of your divorce were behind you, yet here you are dealing with them all over again. Our Orlando enforcement lawyers can help you enforce or modify court orders relating to your divorce or timesharing arrangement, so you can once again focus on the future.

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