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Book club – Alimony Blog
Toxic Marriage Blog
Goal Setting
Integrative Medicine
Mental Health
Book Club – Available Divorces in FL
Leisure & Recreation
Bad Habits
Book Club – Domestic Violence
Asking Right Questions
Book Club- Terminating Parental Rights
Book Club – Establishing Paternity
Poetry Club – Visitation
Transitional Character
Book Club – Parenting Plan
Poetry Club – Remarry
80/20 Rule
Book Club – Timesharing
Poetry Club – Collaborative Divorce
Health and Wellness Day

Women’s Health & Wellness Summit
Orlando Women’s Conference
Book Club – Hiring CS Lawyer
Poetry Club – Bankruptcy Affecting CS
Health & Wellness Day – Divorce Impact on Children
Whatcha Watching – Changing Attorneys
Book Club – CS Payments covering Private School
Poetry Club – Prenup Making Divorce Simpler
Health & Wellness Day – No Fault vs Fault
Whatcha Watching – Injunctions for Protection of DV
Book Club – Hidden Assets
Poetry Club – Things Children Don’t Want in Divorce
Health & Wellness Day -Reasons to lose custody
Whatcha Watching – Frequently Asked Questions on Prenups

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