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Because Florida is a no-fault divorce state, it’s possible to end your marriage without additional proof of wrongdoing. For some couples, this law opens the door to uncontested divorce if parties can agree on the key issues. Fortunately, the more you can agree, the less time and money you’ll spend through the legal process.

However, being able to compromise on property division, alimony, issues related to minor children doesn’t dispose of the need for help from an attorney. You still need to look out for your rights and interests and comply with procedural requirements. Our team at the Arwani Law Firm will advocate on your behalf throughout the process, so please schedule a consultation today. An Orlando uncontested divorce lawyer can explain in more detail, but some background information may be useful.

What is an Uncontested Divorce?

Florida law encourages parties to agree on the key issues involved with ending the marriage and, when they can, the case is called an uncontested divorce. Because you’ve reached a compromise on your own, the judge doesn’t need to conduct a hearing on disputes. A hearing in divorce court is similar to a trial, so each party would present arguments, evidence, testimony, and other information to convince the judge to find in their favor. As you might expect the process can be time-consuming and costly.

In uncontested divorce, there’s nothing for the judge to decide. The parties have reached an agreement, and the court will typically not disturb it unless it’s extremely unfair to one party. The one caveat is that the judge must review any agreement that addresses minor children.

Issues You Address in Uncontested Divorce

Generally speaking, you can resolve any divorce-related matter through the process. Our attorneys at Arwani Law Firm have solid negotiation and advocacy skills, so we can help you overcome emotion and facilitate agreement – even when you thought it would never be possible. The issues that you can resolve through uncontested divorce include:

  • What property is considered separate and marital;
  • Division of marital assets and debts;
  • Whether one party should receive alimony, as well as the type, amount, and duration;
  • A parenting plan regarding minor children, which should address significant decision-making and arrangements for parenting time – commonly known as custody and visitation;
  • Details regarding child support, including payments and who will cover costs for health insurance, education, activities, and other expenses;
  • Attorneys’ fees; and,
  • Many other aspects of divorce.

Again, any agreement regarding minor children is subject to review by the judge, since arrangements for custody and visitation must comply with the child’s best interests standard. Plus, a child support agreement cannot be excessively low as compared to the statutory formula.

Consult with an Orlando, FL Uncontested Divorce Lawyer Regarding Your Case

While divorce may seem simpler when both parties can agree on key issues, you still need to take steps to protect your interests. Our Orlando uncontested divorce attorneys at the Arwani Law Firm can advise you on your rights and handle the necessary paperwork to make the process as stress-free as possible. Please contact us to set up a consultation with a member of our team today.

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