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Postnuptial agreements are the same concept as prenuptial agreements, but instead of being done before a marriage, they are entered into during a marriage. Couples often use postnuptial agreements to settle financial issues that may be causing problems in the marriage, and to decide other points of contention, such as how much time each spouse may spend on extracurricular activities. At the Arwani Law Firm our Orlando postnuptial agreement lawyers help clients create and implement sound and beneficial postnuptial agreements, which have been known to help couples stay married and become mutually supportive once again.

Purposes & Benefits of Postnuptial Agreements

Most married couples have some arguments over money, as it’s a given that two people will never see eye-to-eye on every expenditure and financial decision, no matter how much they love each other. However, if financial anxiety is keeping you awake at night, or you fear your marriage is unraveling due to any issue that you or your spouse just can’t seem to get past, putting your needs and expectations in writing can ease your mind and pave the way for a smoother marriage, where once it was rocky. Postnuptial agreements may be used to:

  • Determine who owns property and assets
  • Set a budget for household expenses
  • Remove a business from the table in the event of divorce
  • Transfer the family home into one spouse’s name
  • Insulate one spouse from the other’s debts
  • Establish support for children of a prior marriage
  • Manage credit card spending and payments
  • Set a budget and/or time limits on certain activities, like out-of-town trips, shopping, gambling, etc.
  • Address issues such as alimony and property division in the event of divorce (but not child support or timesharing)

The very process of working on a postnuptial agreement is generally a positive exercise for most couples. Rather than removing the romance from a marriage, having difficult conversations—for the common purpose of staying married—can bring couples closer together. In many cases, if a couple can’t have a serious yet productive conversation about issues beleaguering their relationship, the marriage won’t survive. At Arwani Law, our Florida family law lawyers have experience drafting, negotiating, and reviewing postnuptial agreements, with the goal of protecting our clients’ interests, achieving specific goals, and stabilizing marriages.

Find out if a postnuptial agreement can help resolve financial issues and anxieties in your marriage.

If you and your spouse are frequently arguing over finances or other issues, a postnuptial agreement may be your bridge over troubled water. After putting your needs and priorities in writing, you, like many couples, can feel renewed confidence in your spouse and your marriage. For more information about postnuptial agreements, please contact the Arwani Law Firm in Orlando. We can help you identify and make clear your objectives for having a postnuptial agreement, and ensure your rights and interests are protected while respecting your marriage.

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