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Are There Any Families That Are Happier After Divorce?


As divorce attorneys here in Florida, one of the most frequent concerns we hear from clients is that the divorce will negatively affect their children. Recently, an important parenting article highlighted some of the benefits that come about from divorce; reflecting the fact that a number of families actually end up experiencing relief from divorce due the arguing and tension disappearing.

Money Management

Money management is one issue people report can sometimes improve after divorce. Money is the number one thing that married couples argue about, as a number of people have a difficult time agreeing on what is a priority and when money should be spent versus saved. However, for some parents, managing the finances themselves and being able to decide what is and is not important can be empowering, even if one has to become more particular about housing, activities, and what can and cannot fit within a new budget. A number of people also find that they can get rid of what’s known as expectation expenses – expenses that were only linked to the other spouse. Having a savings account is also something that many people enjoyed being able to do once they divorce, as they now have full control over how money is budgeted and therefore to what extent they can build up their savings account.

Household Management

Household management is another issue that the number of people say improves after divorce. How to organize and manage a house is something that a number of couples disagree on and this can cause stress in a relationship. however, as a single parent, they can set these standards and priorities up themselves in the same way that they do a budget. In addition, many people find that their children sometimes step up to the plate and take on chores where they previously would not.

Other Benefits

Some of the other benefits of divorce that families have cited include:

  • Children benefiting from watching a parent learn how to navigate the unexpected;
  • Being able to focus on one’s children instead of the other spouse;
  • Children benefiting from a parent rediscovering ‘me time’;
  • Children learning about ‘the value of a dollar’;
  • Parents working harder in order to ensure that their children are healthy and happy – and not negatively affected by the divorce;
  • Increased stability due to no more arguments between parents; and
  • Learning how to ‘make every second count’ with your children if you share custody.

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The reality is that, for some parents, the home simply becomes a calmer place after divorce. They can set new priorities, activities, and traditions, be more spontaneous, and become a more relaxed parent that is able to put their children’s needs first. For some, it is clear that the best parenting they can do is solo.

If you live in Florida and have any questions about divorce or any other area of family law, contact our experienced Orlando divorce attorneys at Arwani Law Firm, PLLC today to find out how we can help.


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