How Can I Make Sure That My Job Does Not Suffer As A Result Of My Divorce? Orlando Divorce Lawyer
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How Can I Make Sure That My Job Does Not Suffer As A Result Of My Divorce?


As attorneys who help a number of clients get through divorce every year here in Florida, a common question that we receive from clients is how to make sure that their divorce does not interfere with their productivity at work. There is no question that divorce can be all consuming in some circumstances, however, there are some techniques you can use to manage its challenges, while continuing to stay productive at work and not letting your job suffer as a result, as we discuss below:

Emotional Support & Boundaries

First and foremost, make sure that you build an emotional support network, while also leaving your conversations about your divorce out of the workplace. While you may have to discuss some aspects of the divorce with an HR representative for practical reasons, for example, keeping those boundaries in place will help. In addition, of course, keeping your work and personal email accounts separate is also very important so that you are not distracted by personal emails coming into your work inbox every day. In fact, you may even want to create an entirely new email account just to manage your divorce matters.

Cooperating & Minimizing Drama

Also keep in mind that any issues that become contentious in your divorce will increase your chances of having to go to court, and this could affect your job. You can minimize these distractions by being as pragmatic as possible, and this includes being both straightforward and transparent in your communications with your ex and his or her attorney, as well as with the documents you turn over.

Organizing Your Day

Unfortunately, certain divorce-related issues and communications with your attorney are going to have to be handled during your workday and cannot wait until you are off work. However, if you set aside a specific block of time during the day when you address any and all divorce-related emails and phone calls, this can be more efficient and save you time.

Keeping Your Attorney Updated

Also make sure that you keep your lawyer up-to-date on any blackout dates that require your attention for work meetings or events as soon as possible in order to avoid any conflicts with divorce-related court appearances and other important meetings related to the divorce.

Work With The Right Florida Divorce Attorneys

Your attorney can make all the difference in terms of streamlining these issues for you so that your divorce does not negatively affect other aspects of your life, including your performance at work. Our supportive, knowledgeable Orlando divorce attorneys are ready to work by your side and help make all the difference in allowing you to move forward with confidence and control. Contact us today at the Arwani Law Firm, PLLC to set up a consultation and find out more.


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