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What Is the First Password that Should Be Changed if You Are Seeking A Divorce?


Living in the modern age has its rewards, and pitfalls. While all the gadgets that we have access to make life easier, in some circumstances, they also provide opportunities for a soon-to-be-ex to access your personal data in the instance of divorce.

Sadly, this is one opportunity to wreak havoc that no one going through divorce seems to consider (i.e. the need to protect yourself online). Unfortunately, given how many people are online and how linked we all are to each other, it is all too easy for personal, sensitive information to be accessed by former spouses and partners.

Synced Devices

Some examples of products that almost appear designed to allow users to access information from various devices include iPhones, iPads, and laptops (especially when it comes to viewing appointments), as well as Apple IDs and iCloud accounts (which can provide a partner with access to emails, locational data, messages, and photos).

Children Using Devices to Play Games

Also remember that this information can be accessed when devices are handed over to children to play games, which them allows your ex to access or read personal messages that pop up on your screen without first having to enter a password.

It All Starts with Your Email Address

The very first password you should change when you are in the throes of splitting from your partner is the one to your email account, as, in many instances, any other passwords that are changed involve notices being sent to your email. Also keep in mind that your ex may very well know the answers to your security questions—answers that could lead to passwords being changed. If you think that you don’t need to change your password because your ex cannot access your email, think again, and remember that your emails could contain legal advice and other important information related to your divorce case.


If your spouse engaged in illegal spying, that’s one thing. However, many are able to simply cover their tracks and come up with that information in another way, and this could end up hurting you in court. 

An Experienced Divorce Attorney Can Help Prevent Havoc

In the same way that you protect your data in business, you need to protect it in personal circumstances. At a minimum, this means never leaving smartphones unlocked, regularly changing passwords, and using virtual private networks when you’re on public WiFi.

If you are contemplating divorce, the smartest thing you can do is consult an experienced divorce attorney who can help ensure that you are taking the right steps to protect yourself. If you live in Florida, contact our divorce attorneys at the Arwani Law Firm, PLLC today to find out more.


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