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What Automatic Restrictions Are In Place Once You File For Divorce?


For many individuals who are considering divorce, the decision to end their relationship has already been made in their minds, and things are simply over. However, as highlighted by various celebrity divorce issues highlighted in the news of late, you may be surprised at what types of restrictions become automatic mandates once you file for divorce.

State law is key for determining what, exactly, these restrictions and requirements are. For example, some find that they are required to keep their spouse on their health insurance during the time that it takes for their divorce to be finalized. In addition, there are also sometimes requirements regarding having to live together for the first month, as well as who is on the hook for paying the rent, mortgage, utilities, etc. Below, we discuss these in greater detail so that they do not sneak up on you in surprise.

Traveling With Children

There are strict restrictions on traveling with any shared children. In particular, taking children overseas often becomes an automatic restriction, as courts want to avoid any chance where parents might keep those children in other countries.

Financial Accounts

There are also often finance-related restrictions, such as restrictions or bars on:

  • Emptying bank accounts;
  • Selling assets, such as cars or the house;
  • Using credit cards for personal expenses; and
  • Removing your ex from various financial accounts.

It is important to note that, in some circumstances, you could be on the hook for reimbursing your spouse for any “excess” expenditures. Before you sell or transfer anything—even something you assume is an inheritance—it is best to consult with your attorney in order to avoid any mishaps.

Insurance Policies

In general, the courts want couples to “stick to the status quo” when it comes to accounts, assets, etc. in order to allow for everything to be worked out fairly and legally and to ensure that each spouse is on ‘notice’ for anything that they will need to start paying for. This includes any insurance policies that cover your spouse, such as car insurance, health insurance, life insurance, etc.

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