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What Are Your Parental Responsibility and Timesharing Rights in Florida?



In divorce proceeding in Florida, the law does not pre-judge child related issued such as, shared or sole custody of a child.  In Florida, courts decide whether the parents should have shared parental responsibility, or sole parental responsibility based on the best interest of the child. Shared parental responsibility means both parents share the responsibility for the upkeep and major decisions in the life of a child. Sole parental responsibility means one of the parents has the sole right to the decision making and the upbringing of a child.

Parental responsibility is the parent’s legal right to have a relationship with their child as they make decisions related to the child upbringing, health, education, religion, etc. In retrospect, parental responsibility means the ability to make important decisions in the life of a child. Some of the major decision making include the decision related to the child’s schooling, medical issues, and the religious practices a child participate in.


                During or after a custody battle, parents may find themselves wondering if the other parent is trying to build a wall between them and their children.  As stated above, child related issues in Florida are based on the best interest of the child.  Sometimes courts in Florida award one parent more time or rights to the child if that parent can show the court that the other parent has been trying to alienate him/her from the child’s life, and that it is in the best interest of the child to have less time with the other parent. When it comes to the decision making, some parents are faced with difficulty in communicate with one another, however, difficulty alone does not by itself give rise to the right of sole parenting. Some facts that may suffice for sole parenting include, a parent’s failure take a child to a physician when needed, or a parent’s failure to keep the child in school.  It is important for a family law attorney to know all the relevant facts and details of your case to see if it is proper to request sole parental responsibility on your behalf.

Often times, during or after a divorce has been finalized, either or both parents use the children as a weapon to fight each other. One of the leading causes of alienation is the inability of one parents to keep their negative feelings towards their former partners to themselves. It is important for parents to put all those feelings behind them, and instead channel that energy to co-parent in a healthy environment for the sake of their children. Some of the ways to ensure that parents are engaging in co-parenting include:

  • Hide your negative feelings about your former partner.
  • Be accommodating to the other parent when schedule issues occur.
  • Show excitement when your child is going to spend time with the other parent, of course after showing your child that you will miss them terribly.
  • Include the other parent in the decision making related to your child.
  • Shield your child from all the legal issues and what is going on in court.
  • Understand that some bad relationships don’t equal bad parenting
  • Find the best and most appropriate way to communicate with the other parent.

It is important for parents to help their children deal with the aftermath of their divorce by ensuring that they set up a proper time-sharing schedule and necessary parenting rules and routines. One of the most important, if not the most important, factor that courts look at when time-sharing is at issue, is the ability of each parent to co-parent, encourage a parent-child relationship, and ensure the child’s relationship with the other parent is continuous and close. For legal advice about your own timesharing rights, contact our team at  Arwani Law Firm in Orlando.





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