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Tips To Help You Avoid A Contested Divorce


There are three types of divorce in Florida. They are simplified dissolution of marriage, uncontested divorce, and contested divorce. Rarely is the first type of divorce granted, so the common types of divorce in Florida are uncontested and contested. An uncontested divorce is available if spouses can agree on all decisions regarding their divorce. On the other hand, couples must go through a contested divorce if they cannot agree on the issues involved in their divorce. In a contested divorce, spouses go to trial, and the judge decides the matters in their divorce. This type of divorce is the most expensive, most contentious, and the longest. Because of this, many people want to avoid contested divorce.

So how can you avoid a contested divorce? There are several steps you can take to avoid a contested divorce. Below, we share some of the steps you can take to avoid a contested divorce.

Understand the Cons of a Contested Divorce

The first step you should take is to understand the cons of a contested divorce. As already hinted, a contested divorce will likely drag out the divorce process and increase divorce costs. Also, a contested divorce will likely create hostility between you and your partner and drain you emotionally. When you understand the cons of a contested divorce, it may motivate you to avoid it.

Be Open to Negotiation and Compromise

It is best to go into a divorce knowing that getting everything you want may not be possible. It would be best if you were willing to negotiate and compromise. Often, couples cannot agree on divorce-related issues because they are unwilling to negotiate and compromise. It would help to avoid fighting over every trivial thing. This will only complicate the divorce process and result in unnecessary disagreements.

Focus on the Big Picture

By focusing on the main aims and not on the bitterness or anger you feel towards your spouse, you can avoid disagreements between you and your spouse. If you are like many people, you likely want to get adequate child support, fair alimony, a fair share of marital assets, and a favorable timesharing ruling. Focus on these things.

Work With a Skilled Divorce Attorney

A skilled divorce attorney can help you avoid a contested divorce. An attorney can help you rise above the temptation to fight about every trivial issue by, for example, exploring alternative dispute resolution methods, such as meditation and collaboration, that allow you to negotiate the details of your divorce.

Be Honest With Your Attorney and Spouse

You should be honest with your divorce attorney and spouse if you want to find a solution that benefits you and your spouse. If you lie or fail to be completely open, avoiding litigation can be almost impossible.

Be a Listener

You should listen to your spouse’s opinion during your divorce. Otherwise, they are likely to disagree with you. If that happens, you may have to go to court to resolve your disagreements.

Stay Calm

Lastly, remain calm throughout the process. Indeed, it can be hard to stay calm when your marriage is ending, but if you want to avoid a contested divorce, you should do your best to control your emotions. A skilled divorce lawyer can help ensure your feelings don’t cloud your judgment.

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