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Planning Ahead For a Successful School Year During or After Divorce Can Help Kids


The start of a new school year can be stressful enough without also having to worry about any potential unforeseen consequences and repercussions on the children after obtaining a divorce and dealing with the issue of two separate households. This is especially the case if your kids are also starting an entirely new school in addition to having to deal with those changes that come with every new year—new teachers, schedules, friends, educational challenges, supplies, activities, etc.

While most parents know the importance of making their child’s development a high priority and instilling important financial habits in kids while they are young, the logistics of how, exactly, to do this can sometimes be daunting.

Below, we discuss some tips on how to plan for a successful school year if you recently obtained or started the process of seeking a divorce:

A Chance to Sit Down & Reassess

While divorce often provides two married people with the chance to start from scratch, a new school year also arguably provides children with a new opportunity to reset boundaries, expectations, and goals. Before your kids start their new school year, ask them what they foresee as both their biggest challenges and goals for the year, and to write down those that both of you mutually agree on. While it can be helpful to include your former spouse in these discussions, if that is logistically or otherwise too difficult, it is completely plausible for your children to sit down and discuss these with each parent, separately.

Divvying Extra Expenses & Setting Realistic Goals & Schedules

Extra expenses associated with a new school year, grade, activities, etc. is enough to place stress on any parents, especially those that may already have some tensions associated with splitting up childcare costs during and after a divorce. While your Marital Settlement Agreement should address some of the big ticket items involved in your divorce, and child support is supposed to cover the basics (such as clothing, food, and shelter), what about childcare, supplies, events, extracurricular activities, etc. that are coming up this school year? Some couples agree to split these expenses 50/50, while others base it on prospective income levels, etc. Keep in mind that involving children in these discussions can be helpful in terms of not only instilling financial responsibility in them, but also helping them to understand how realistic certain commitments are or are not (for example, if the child brings in income through babysitting or another job, is it possible to participate in both soccer and the debate team every day after school, can homework still get done, etc.).

Consult an Experienced Florida Divorce Attorney Who Cares

When you are searching for and consulting with family law attorneys to help you transition before, during, and after divorce, you want to make sure that you work with attorneys who understand all of the ins and outs, and nuances, of what is important to you and your family. Contact our Orlando divorce attorneys at the Arwani Law Firm, PLLC today to find out how we can provide you with the support you need.


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