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Orlando Domestic Violence Lawyer

Every couple argues now and then, and most relationships go through rough patches. Domestic violence, however, is not a mere disagreement. It is a pattern of abuse used to control another person. Victims of domestic violence need to be protected and deserve to have their voices heard, while alleged offenders may not know enough about Florida’s domestic violence laws to understand the gravity of having an injunction for protection ordered against them. Even relatively minor violations can carry lifelong consequences. At the Arwani Law Firm our Orlando domestic violence lawyers can help if you need a protection order to restrain your spouse (or former spouse) from contact with you, or if your spouse files an injunction against you.

Obtaining an Injunction for Protection in Florida

Sadly, many family law disputes involve domestic violence or the threat of domestic violence. These acts may necessitate an injunction for protection. Florida courts exercise a zero-tolerance policy for domestic violence, enabling victims to easily pursue the protection they need. However, filing an injunction for protection is a very serious matter with lasting ramifications for everyone involved. You need to make sure the process is handled correctly to get the result you want. In determining whether you have reasonable cause to believe you are in imminent danger of becoming a victim of domestic violence, the court will consider all relevant factors alleged in your petition for protection, including but not limited to:

  • The history between the parties, including threats, harassment, stalking, and physical abuse
  • Whether the alleged offender has attempted to harm the alleged victim, family members or individuals closely associated with the victim
  • Whether the alleged offender has threatened to conceal, kidnap, or harm the alleged victim’s children
  • Whether the alleged offender has intentionally injured or killed a family pet
  • Whether the alleged offender has used, or has threatened to use, any weapons against the alleged victim
  • Whether the alleged offender has physically retrained the alleged victim from leaving home or calling law enforcement
  • Whether the alleged offender has a criminal history involving violence or threats of violence
  • The existence of a verifiable order of protection issued previously or from another jurisdiction
  • Whether the alleged offender has destroyed personal property belonging to the alleged victim
  • Whether the alleged offender engaged in any other behavior or conduct that leads the alleged victim to have reasonable cause to believe he or she is in imminent danger

The terms of your injunction for protection can vary depending on the unique circumstances surrounding your case. For example, the order may include special provisions for exchanges of the children if you are maintaining a timesharing arrangement. Having years of experience handling divorce and domestic violence matters, the Orlando family law lawyers at the Arwani Law Firm are prepared to help you pursue the course of action that best suits your needs.

Get the Help You Need to Protect Yourself from Orlando Domestic Violence Lawyers.

If you are the victim of domestic violence, or you feel the threat of domestic violence, please speak with a member of our team about obtaining an injunction for protection. Through legal action, you can take positive steps to ensure your family’s safety. We can also help you get an injunction lifted or fight an injunction that has been filed against you. Please contact our Orlando domestic violence lawyers to explore your options today, and stop living in fear of tomorrow.

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