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How To Prepare For Family Law Court


If your family law case has been set for trial, you are probably panicking and asking yourself a million and one questions. For example, if your divorce case has been set for trial, you are likely feeling uncertain and asking yourself questions about many things. If this is your case, it is completely understandable. People often panic, feel uncertain, and ask many questions when they have an upcoming family law court hearing or trial. In this article, we share some tips that can help you prepare for family law court. We hope these tips help you feel more relaxed, confident and prepared.

Things You Need To Consider Before Your Court Date

Before your court date, there are several things you need to consider. For instance, you may want to enlist the help of a qualified family law attorney. Indeed, it is possible to handle a family law case without legal assistance. However, it’s usually a good idea to hire an attorney. Often, people fail to hire family law attorneys because they are afraid they cannot afford to pay legal fees. Even in a situation where you cannot afford to pay an attorney for their services, at least seek legal advice.

You may also have personal requirements you want the court to know about. You should consider these requirements before your court date. For example, if you have accessibility requirements, it may be best to point them out beforehand to ensure your visit to the court is easy. For example, if you require a wheelchair ramp, point that out before your court date.

Planning Your Trip

Before your court date, it is wise that you plan your trip. First, find out the location of your courthouse. Second, find out how to get to the courthouse. For example, how do you get there using public transport? How do you get there using a car? If you plan to drive to the courthouse, it may also be best to find out if parking is available. Next, find out which facilities are available at the courthouse. Last, make necessary arrangements in advance. For example, if you have a child and don’t want to take him or her with you to the courthouse, make childcare arrangements in advance.

What To Expect at the Courthouse

There are several things you should expect once you arrive at the courthouse. For instance, expect security measures at the courthouse. Also, be prepared to wait, as cases often do not run on schedule.

In regards to how you should behave, the following are some dos and don’ts when in court;

  • Do dress appropriately for a formal environment
  • Don’t use a mobile device
  • Address the judge as ‘judge.’
  • Don’t raise your voice in the courtroom
  • Do stand when speaking to the court
  • Don’t eat while in the courtroom
  • Do stand when the judge is entering and leaving the courtroom
  • Don’t interrupt other people when they are speaking to the court

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