How Do The Current Florida School Closures Affect My Parenting Plan? Orlando Divorce Lawyer
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How Do the Current Florida School Closures Affect My Parenting Plan?


The coronavirus has transformed many areas of our life; from our ability to safely go to work each day, to running basic errands such as getting groceries, to our kids going to school each day. But what many did not anticipate is that it could affect time sharing schedules and parenting plans for so many divorced couples: With a number of Florida schools closed until April 15, and others deciding that they aren’t going back at all for the rest of the academic year, a number of parents went from feeling chaotic due to having their kids home with them, to being filled with anxiety because they are not sure how to proceed in sharing the kids with their ex, given that their agreements do not have “pandemic clauses” in them.

The Coronavirus Has Placed Many Parents in Compromised, Frightening Circumstances

And they can hardly be blamed:  A number of divorced parents have been faced with severely frightening circumstances, such as a parent returning from international travel and demanding to have their child for regular visitation without going into the recommended quarantine; while another illegally took the child out of the country after deciding that the U.S. was unsafe. As a result, we have heard from parents non stop who have had serious concerns about custody schedules and emergency plans; down to the very time and place when it comes to transitions that are to take place between one parent and another. In fact, the issue reached such a level of concern that one state supreme court had to issue an emergency order that applies to and clarifies possession schedules in suits affecting the parent-child relationship, clarifying that possession and access shall not be affected by the school’s closure that arises from an epidemic or pandemic.

Florida Court Closures & Procedures On Hold

The issue has also been exacerbated by the fact that a number of Florida courts have shut down amid coronavirus concerns, and custody is not the only family law issue that is now suffering due to the virus: Alimony, child support, modifications, and anything else that requires filing are all hanging in the balance for a number of families if they live in a district where the court is closed.

Help with Family Law Issues Is Still Available: Contact Our Florida Family Law Attorneys Today

Note, however, that you can still find help: Our attorneys are working around the clock to assist individuals and families with their legal needs, and a number of courthouses provide online resources. In addition, some areas of family law involve negotiations outside of the court, as well as mediation and mutual agreement between the parents in some cases.

The Orlando family lawyers at the Arwani Law Firm have encountered every possible family law issue here in Florida, from straightforward parenting disputes, to complex divorces, to emergency domestic violence issues that required a protection order immediately. Contact our office today to find out how we can help you.


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