How Can Relocating After a Divorce Impact a Child? Orlando Divorce Lawyer
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How Can Relocating After a Divorce Impact a Child?


After a divorce, some parents decide to relocate with their children. If you recently got a divorce and are thinking about relocating with your child, it is crucial that you consider the impact the move can have on your child. While Florida law allows you to relocate with your child if you follow certain rules and procedures, you should consider how the decision to move can affect your child. A divorce subjects a child to the loss of a family. This is already a lot to deal with. Relocating with a child can worsen things for your child. A move can disturb and change all aspects of a child’s life. Below are some of the ways relocating after a divorce can impact a child.

Emotional Turmoil

Relocating with a child after a divorce can affect them emotionally. Relocating after a divorce can result in a child experiencing many different emotions. Children experience sadness, anger, anxiety, confusion, and many other emotions. The feelings a child experiences may depend on their age. Also, how these emotions manifest may vary depending on a child’s age. The following are some of the ways these emotions may manifest;

  • Withdrawal
  • Feeding difficulties
  • Sleeping problems
  • Trouble concentrating in school
  • Defiant conduct

Interference With Stability

Moving with a child to a new home means leaving behind a familiar neighborhood or city and familiar surroundings, such as their backyard, bedroom, or favorite hangout spots. It means being separated from neighbors, friends, and maybe even extended family members. All this can disrupt stability in a child’s life. Instability can affect a child in many ways.

Adjustment Challenges

Relocating after a divorce may bring about adjustment challenges. Adjusting to a new environment can be hard for children. A child may struggle to adapt to a new school, make new friends, and get used to the new community. They may miss their old school, old friends, and the community they had become used to. This can result in loneliness and social isolation.

Positive Outcomes of Relocating                                    

While relocation has many possible negative outcomes, relocating with your child can also bring positive outcomes. The following are some of the potential positive outcomes of relocating with a child after a divorce;

New Experiences

Relocating with a child after a divorce can expose them to a variety of new experiences, broadening their horizons.

Fresh Start

Relocating can provide a child with a fresh start. It may offer a change of scenery and new opportunities for personal growth.

Expansion of Social Networks

While relocation can result in the loss of social networks, it can also expand social networks. Relocation can provide a child with the opportunity to make new friends.

Educational Opportunities

Moving to a new place may offer access to educational opportunities that were not available in the previous location, improving the child’s educational experience and prospects.

Reduced Conflict Between Parents

In some cases, relocating can reduce conflict between the divorced parents. If a move reduces conflict between parents, it can benefit the child’s well-being.

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