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Heavy Consequences for Non-Payment of Child Support


Many legislatures across the world have recognized the need to help parents and other counties and agencies to enforce children  support Orders The Hague Convention, in which member countries agreed to comply with outside Orders for to enforce child support Orders from other States and Counties.

Many of these States and counties, including the United States, enacted strict enforcement measures to gain the cooperation parents to pay their court ordered child support. Here, we will examine 5 of the most used enforcement methods for non-payment of child support:


The U.S. Government maintains a Passport Denial Program operated by the Federal Collections and Enforcement Program, whose primary function is to identify individuals with past due child support obligations that are seeking a passport or who wish to renew their passport. According to the Office of Child Support Enforcement, if a person owes more $2,500 in child support arrearages, their passport will be denied. If you have any amount of child support arrears pending, it is essential that you resolved these matters before it becomes a problem. Don’t have your passport denied and miss important flights or have critical travel plans cancelled due to non-payment of child support. Get these issues resolved before they become a problem. Contact experienced Orlando Family Law Attorneys.


Those of you making plans to take a road trip this summer in the family camper, might need to think again this vision, if you have child support arrears due and you owe any amount of child support arrearages you are subject to having your State and/or Government issued licenses suspended and in some cases, revoked for non-payment of child support. This can include, driver’s licenses, fishing licenses, hunting licenses, licenses requiring secret-clearance, licenses to practice law and medicine.

Don’t let these issues stop your ability to drive a motor vehicle or operate a business. In many cases, your livelihood depends on both. An intelligent and well-informed attorney will change or if necessary, will fight to have your child support Order set at a fair and reasonable amount. License denial or license suspension is one of the most commonly used methods of child support enforcement. Your lawyer knows that you need your license for work and supporting yourself and family. The attorneys at Arwani Law Firm are experienced in re-instating your license and modifying/changing your child support order, so that it accurately reflects what you can, and cannot pay.


Bank Seizures are another commonly used method of child support enforcement. Bank Seizures due to non-payment of child support can financially ruin you, or at the very least it can empty out all funds you already had earmarked. Don’t let these issues fall upon you unexpectedly. Experienced Orlando attorneys know exactly how to deal with this issue and save you the kind of unnecessary catastrophic situation that can be created when you’re not expecting it.


Seizure of the tax returns of a person who owes child support is another routinely used method of enforcing child support orders. If you would like to receive the proper tax return that you are entitled to, it is imperative that you speak with a knowledgeable Orlando family law attorneys that can review your income and pursue an accurately calculated support order on your behalf.


One of the least used methods of enforcing a support order is sending the paying parent to jail. That method is used rarely then the others, but it is still a method of child support enforcement that enforcement agencies can use against you if you do not pay your court ordered child support on time. Speak to a law firm that is experienced at resolving these matters.

At the Arwani Law Firm we help you save or re-instate your licenses. Contact us today.



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