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Collaborative Divorce Can Reduce Emotional And Economic Stress


Anyone contemplating ending their marriage is worried about the emotional and economic stress that comes with divorce litigation. Even though all divorces are different, the reality is that litigation can be expensive. Divorce litigation can also be quite adversarial. Fortunately, there are alternative dispute resolution methods that divorcing couples can opt for that have been found to eliminate or reduce the anguish of a divorce. If you are contemplating divorce and looking for an alternative dispute resolution method that can reduce emotional and economic stress, you can consider a collaborative divorce.

Some Basics on Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce involves divorcing parties working with their respective lawyers and other professionals to reach a mutually-beneficial agreement. It is an ADR method that is based upon the belief that two reasonable individuals can use the advice of their lawyers and other professionals to identify and settle their divorce issues.

The main goal of collaborative law is to negotiate a win-win settlement and ensure everyone is satisfied. This means negotiating a solution that meets the needs of both sides. Usually, it is hard to achieve a win-win situation when a divorce case is handled in court. When litigation is involved, there is likely to be one party the divorce settlement will favor. Sometimes, even both parties can be dissatisfied with the outcome of their divorce litigation.

Collaborative Divorce Can Reduce Emotional and Economic Stress

Collaborative divorce has received a lot of praise over the years for being an effective method of ending marriages. Accolades for collaborative divorce have been seen on different platforms and even on the news. According to one CNBC article, collaborative divorce is quite favorable compared to divorce litigation. According to the article, collaborative law can ease the emotional and economic stress that is often associated with divorce.

So, how exactly can collaborative divorce ease emotional and economic stress? According to the CNBC article, collaborative divorce gives individuals a chance to bounce back more quickly and emerge from the process more ready to focus. The article states that people who go through divorce litigation can take up to one year to recover from their divorce. When it comes to costs, even though the money you’ll spend on your collaborative divorce will depend on several factors, several financial advisors interviewed by CNBC suggested that divorce litigation costs three times more than collaborative divorce.

Should You Choose Collaborative Law?

Collaborative law can be a good option if you and your partner are willing to work together with openness and respect. Nonetheless, this is not to say that collaborative divorce cannot work well for couples experiencing conflicts. As long as you and your partner are ready to engage in the process in good faith, the process can work. The key here is that you both have to be willing. With that said, it is crucial that you speak to a qualified lawyer before deciding to go with the collaborative process. Allow an attorney to assess your case and advise you accordingly.

If you need more information on collaborative law or help in determining whether collaborative divorce is the best option for you, contact the Orlando collaborative divorce lawyers at Arwani Law Firm. We can review your circumstances and help you decide the best way to proceed with your divorce. To schedule a consultation, call 407-254-0060.


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