Are You In A Toxic Marriage? 10 Signs It May Be Time To File For Divorce Orlando Divorce Lawyer
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Are You In A Toxic Marriage? 10 Signs It May Be Time To File For Divorce


Toxic marriages are more common than you think. A couple may pretend that everything is fine and they are happily married when talking to friends and family members, when, in reality, there may be serious problems in their marriage.

A toxic marriage is a term used to describe marriage characterized by ongoing emotional, mental, psychological, and even physical issues that are slowly destroying the marriage. In many cases, spouses are unable to recognize signs of a toxic marriage until it is too late to save their marriage.

If you believe that you are in a toxic marriage and your relationship with the spouse is damaged beyond repair, it may be time to file for divorce. While the prospect of getting a divorce may seem scary, especially if you have been married for five, ten, or more years, speak with an attorney to discuss your options.

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10 Signs of a Toxic Marriage

If you notice any of the following signs, it may be because you are in a toxic marriage:

  1. You are depressed all the time

While many things can contribute to depression, you may be depressed because of problems in your marriage. The longer you are depressed and unhappy in your marriage, the more difficult it is to resolve the root problem.

  1. You feel emotional and physical exhaustion

Unless there are other factors that contribute to your exhaustion (i.e., work), your marriage may be draining your energy because it is toxic.

  1. You have thought about cheating

If you had thoughts about cheating or were on the brink of committing adultery, it may be because of the lack of emotional stability and affection in your marriage, the two common signs of a toxic marriage.

  1. You do not get emotional support from your spouse

If you no longer get any emotional support from your spouse or you do not feel that your spouse does not provide a shoulder to cry on, it may be because of toxicity in your marriage.

  1. Your spouse seems distant

If your spouse seems distant when communicating with you, it may be because your marriage has turned toxic.

  1. Your spouse blames you for everything

If you feel like a scapegoat in your marriage, it may be because your spouse is toxic.

  1. You lack control in your marriage

If it seems that your spouse controls every aspect of your marriage and even some areas of your life, it is probably because you are married to a toxic person.

  1. You frequently become a victim of manipulation

Manipulation is a common sign of toxicity in marriages and romantic relationships. Manipulation can manifest in numerous ways, including lowering a partner’s self-esteem and blaming a partner for everything.

  1. You cannot relax around your spouse

Your ability to feel relaxed around your spouse is a sign of serious issues in your marriage.

  1. You do not feel like going home to be with your spouse

If you constantly look for an excuse to be anywhere but home, it may be because you do not want to get another dosage of toxicity from your spouse when you get home.

If you want to file for divorce because your marriage is toxic, contact our Orlando-based divorce attorney at Arwani Law Firm. Get a free case evaluation by calling 407-254-0060.

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