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6 Tips To Ensure Your Collaborative Divorce Is A Success


A collaborative divorce is an excellent option if you are looking to avoid divorce court and save time and money. During a collaborative divorce, you and your partner will retain specifically trained attorneys and work together to reach an agreement. It is crucial that you put in the work and dedication during the collaborative process if you want the process to succeed. If you are unable to reach an agreement during the collaborative process, you and your spouse will likely have to go to divorce court.

If you are about to undertake a collaborative divorce, the following are six tips to ensure success;

Use a Team                                                                                       

You might fear that adding multiple experts to your divorce case will be too expensive, but the truth is that the shortcut of not working with a team may result in you making costly mistakes. The professionals you’ll include in your divorce all possess skills you can highly benefit from. For example, financial specialists are skilled at spotting costly tax planning mistakes and do a great job of making more complex financial issues clearer. Coaches and child specialists, on the other hand, are excellent in helping divorcing couples focus on the most important things in the divorce process instead of on the emotions present in the case. When you work with a team of professionals, the attorneys do not have to try to become experts on topics they may not be good at.

Don’t Focus on Winning

Instead of going into the collaborative process focused on winning, you should go into it focused on finding solutions. After all, you are already a winner because getting a collaborative divorce will help you avoid the lengthy and costly litigation process. Enter into the collaborative process prepared to discuss and explore all possible solutions. Enter into the process prepared to compromise when the need arises.

Keep an Open Mind

Do not go into negotiations with your mind already made up. In a collaborative divorce, time is spent trying to discover the best creative solutions. If your team or spouse has an idea, give it a thought and remember that there are no bad ideas.

Exercise Patience

You might not solve all issues during the first meeting. In fact, rarely are all divorce-related issues resolved during the first meeting, and there is a good reason for this. First, information must be gathered. Second, property division and alimony matters need to be addressed. Additionally, if children are involved, child-related issues must be addressed. If you are patient, stick to the process, and rely on your team, you increase your chances of succeeding.

Ensure You Are Heard

You should not be combative during a collaborative divorce. However, this is not to say that your voice should not be heard. If, for example, you are concerned about where certain discussions are headed or have questions, ensure you speak up. You have rights even during a collaborative divorce, and it is vital that you ensure your rights are protected.

Do Not Panic

Finally, to increase the chances of your collaborative divorce succeeding, avoid panicking when things get difficult. Instead of panicking and running to court when things get hard, engage your attorney and the other experts.

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