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5 Things You Should Not Do Before Divorce


If a divorce is imminent, chances are, emotions are flying high. At this time, it is easy for you to make mistakes that could negatively impact the outcome of your divorce. Once the divorce process starts, the way you acted before the divorce process began will be highly scrutinized. Even if you made a mistake unknowingly, that mistake could cost you. It is crucial that you avoid making mistakes at this time when you are waiting for the divorce process to begin so you can protect your interests.

To help you make the right decisions and protect your interests, the following are five things you should not do before divorce.

Post Poor Behavior On Social Media

If you are about to go through the divorce process, you must be careful about what you post online. You should avoid posting things that reflect poorly on you on your social media pages. Remember, anything you post on social media is considered fair game and can be used against you in a divorce case. For example, a social media post can be used against you while determining time-sharing or parental responsibility.

Disrespect Your Spouse

Indeed, you are not expected to feel the way you felt about your spouse now that a divorce is imminent. However, you should avoid disrespecting your spouse. Do not harass your spouse, threaten them, or intimidate them. If, for example, you disrespect your spouse over text messages, those messages can be used against you during your divorce. Disrespect could be considered when determining child-related matters such as time-sharing and parental responsibility.

Retitling Assets

If you are going through the divorce process, you might think of removing your spouse’s name from assets without their consent. For example, you might consider removing your spouse’s name from an account. It is crucial that you avoid retitling assets without first consulting an attorney. Even if you believe your spouse is wasting marital assets, do not retitle assets without first speaking to an attorney. A qualified attorney can help you determine the best way to proceed.

Transferring Assets

If you transfer assets before your divorce, it means you are trying to hide assets from your spouse. Courts do not take it lightly when one spouse tries to hide marital assets from another. Florida courts believe in equitable distribution of marital assets, and such a distribution can only happen if all assets are accounted for during a divorce.

Badmouthing the Other Parent in Front of Your Child

If you are a parent who is about to get a divorce, it is crucial that you avoid saying bad things about your child’s other parent in front of your child. Badmouthing your child’s other parent in front of your child can be seen as a strategy for you to damage your child’s relationship with their other parent. Courts are highly against parental alienation, and engaging in such behavior can impact your time-sharing and visitation rights.

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