Who Is A Divorce Coach, And What Are The Benefits Of Working With A Divorce Coach? Orlando Divorce Lawyer
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Who Is A Divorce Coach, And What Are The Benefits Of Working With A Divorce Coach?


Trying to manage all the aspects of a divorce can be overwhelming. Getting through a divorce requires working with a team of professionals. Often, people lean on divorce lawyers, financial planners, mediators, therapists, or other professionals to help them through the divorce process. One member of this team that you may not know about but that can provide a wide range of assistance is a divorce coach. In this article, we discuss what a divorce coach does and the benefits of a divorce coach.

What Does a Divorce Coach Do?

A divorce coach is a certified professional whose work is to guide you through each step of the divorce process. A divorce coach provides emotional and motivational support to help guide you to better decisions.

Divorce coaches do not provide specific financial or legal advice. Instead, a divorce coach will create a peaceful and safe framework to assist you in clarifying your goals, interests, and outcomes pertaining to your divorce.

You might assume that a divorce coach is a therapist. But a divorce coach is not a therapist. Divorce coaches do not treat mental health conditions or provide therapy to analyze past experiences. Instead, a divorce coach focuses on where you are now and where you want to be. A divorce coach is trained to advise couples on the crucial decisions to be made before, during, and/or after divorce.

Benefits of Working With a Divorce Coach

The following are some of the ways a divorce coach can help you through the divorce process;

  1. Help You Clarify and Achieve Your Goals

Among the first things a divorce coach can do is help you understand your goals. You will start by outlining your goals with the help of your coach. After outlining your goals, you and your divorce coach will establish a plan for achieving them.

  1. Help You Understand Crucial Decisions

You’ll need to make a lot of crucial decisions when going through your divorce. A divorce coach can help you decide the best thing to do. For instance, a divorce coach may help you understand if you should try a collaborative divorce or divorce mediation.

  1. Guide You on How To Reduce Conflict

An experienced divorce coach can teach you how to ensure your divorce is as cordial as possible. Apart from helping you ensure you have an amicable divorce, what you learn from a divorce coach can help minimize the emotional impact a divorce has on children.

  1. Help You To Communicate More Clearly

A divorce coach can help you better negotiate for yourself and your children (if you are a parent). A divorce coach can also help you if you are struggling with how to tell your children about upcoming family changes.

  1. Connect You With the Right Resources

While divorce coaches do not provide their clients with legal or financial advice, a divorce coach can connect you with the right resources. A divorce coach can connect you to lawyers, financial advisors, and other specialists.

Note: While there can be many benefits to working with a divorce coach, it is not for everybody. Everybody is unique, and so is every relationship.

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