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What Do Divorce Lawyers Do, Exactly?


A majority of Americans believe that getting a divorce is not only preferable to staying in an unhappy marriage, but is also better for children (as opposed to kids growing up around unhappy parents). Still, questions do sometimes come up as to whether one should work with an attorney or simply try to work things out directly with one’s spouse and maybe file for divorce online, especially if things seem amicable and there appears to be agreement as to important issues such as assets and/or child custody (known as “timesharing” in Florida). Below, we discuss some of the specifics of what divorce attorneys do so that you understand their role in the process and can make a more informed decision as to what makes sense for you:

Take The Stress Off Your Shoulders & Act As Mediators

The process of divorce, regardless of how amicable things are with your spouse, can be draining. Trying to handle it yourself involves constantly having to talk about it with your partner, and this can inevitably lead to stress and end up affecting other important things in your life, such as your job or your relationship with your children.

An attorney is able to take on these discussions and handle a significant amount of this worry and concern so that you can prioritize your time for more important things. In this sense, attorneys sometimes act as mediators in helping you reach an agreement with your spouse in an expedited manner that is not reflected by personal anger, frustration, and contempt, but, instead, reflects your best interests and what the law dictates. This includes being able to handle certain issues related to divorce objectively, which can become difficult if you do not have assistance. The last thing that you want to do is risk emotions compromising important decisions related to your future, including child custody issues.

Having Practiced Divorce Law Locally for Years, They Provide Your Case with Significant Advantages That Have Life-Changing Consequences

In addition, if you choose to go through divorce without an attorney, you will need to know everything about state divorce laws. Representing yourself does not mean that there is a free pass provided by the courts to make mistakes. In fact, any mistakes made could end up frustrating the judge. Conversely, an attorney that has been practicing divorce law locally for years not only understands all of the ins and outs of the laws and how they are applied, but also often knows how particular judges are going to rule, and will have established relationships with those judges, which can be extremely helpful in your case. As a result of practicing in this area for years, they are also able to think of options that you may not have realized you had when it comes to important issues such as property division, alimony, etc.

An attorney is also essential if you anticipate any child custody issues arising. This is also another area where having an attorney who has practiced locally for years and knows the courts and the judges, and may have a relationship with them, etc. can make all the difference in not only pursuing your best interest and the best interest of your child, but in also saving you time and money when it comes to pursuing the right route for the best custody outcome.

Making Sure All Assets Are Accounted For & The Right Paperwork Is Done Correctly

Divorces also involve a significant number of documents and paperwork. Providing Incorrect information, missing any documents, or failing to file on time can cause serious issues, as well as time and money. Your attorney has experience filing all of this paperwork regularly in their cases, and will make sure that everything is correct, in place, and filed on time in order to prevent devastating mistakes.

Some divorces also involve a significant amount of research, especially if you’re involved in a high net worth divorce with complex assets, some of which one spouse may be trying to hide. It is going to get especially complicated if those assets were placed in a trust in a different state in order to hide them more effectively. If this is the case, you will need a divorce attorney to help you uncover these assets and fight for your rights to them.

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