What Are Some Recommended Coping Strategies For Handling The Holidays After Divorce? Orlando Divorce Lawyer
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What Are Some Recommended Coping Strategies for Handling the Holidays After Divorce?


We’ve previously discussed planning for the holidays when it comes to ensuring that you stick to timesharing agreements and parenting plans, but what about everything else that a person has to deal with during the holiday season post-divorce? As divorce attorneys who help countless clients here in Florida each year, many clients ask us about issues such as how to navigate old family traditions with their kids – while perhaps also taking on new traditions as a split family – now that they are freshly divorced. Many people find that establishing these new traditions with their kids creates new excitement as a new family unit – finding comfort in the “newness.”

Another issue that frequently comes up is how to navigate having extra time on your hands if you now split time with your children with your ex. Again, we hear from a number of clients that starting new traditions – such as meeting up with the rest of the family – can provide them with something to look forward to and, as a result, they frequently end up feeling more refreshed than they previously had to juggle full-time with their children while still married.

Below, we discuss what some professionals suggest can become proactive tips for parents facing the holidays this year as single parents:

Involve Your Children in Holiday Planning

Consider involving your kids in the details of planning new traditions and other decisions related to the holiday season

When it comes to making new arrangements – whether that is offsetting days in terms of when kids celebrate the holiday with which parent, or splitting up the one day – take into account how your child may react to the plan and try to avoid direct conflict if possible

Scheduling Plans Made in Private

While making plans about the new schedule, consider meeting with your ex or speaking on the phone, in private, so there is no risk of projecting negative feelings onto your children

Taking Care of Yourself

Remember to practice self—care: Surround yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself—i.e. supportive family and friends—and make sure that you get enough rest and engage in other activities that you enjoy.  And do not be afraid to be proactive in setting up events with people

One of the most important skills that helps divorce individuals focus on healing is to remind themselves to be thankful for what is going well and maintain a positive outlook

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