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Tips for Finding a Family Law Mediator


Litigation is not your only option when dealing with a family law matter, such as a divorce or a timesharing dispute. One alternative dispute resolution (ADR) method that can help you navigate a family law matter is mediation. Mediation involves working with a neutral third party called a mediator. Disputing parties meet with the mediator, and the mediator helps them reach an agreement. Mediation helps parties communicate with each other and work together to reach a solution. With mediation, disputing parties can save a lot of time and money. However, mediation can only succeed if you choose the right mediator for your case. This article shares some tips for finding a family law mediator. But before that, we discuss when you should hire a mediator.

At What Point Should You Hire a Mediator?

Often, people assume that mediation is only for divorcing couples. This is farthest from the truth. You can hire a mediator to help you with any family law matter. Mediators can help resolve timesharing disputes, child support disputes, paternity disputes, and any other family law dispute. And when it comes to when you can hire a mediator, you should know that it is never too late to hire a mediator. You can hire a mediator before going to court or during court proceedings. The court may require you to hire a mediator before holding a trial or hearing, but even if the court does not ask you to try mediation, you can hire a mediator while your court case is pending. Finally, you can hire a mediator even after a court order has been entered. For example, if there is a timesharing order in place, and you and your co-parent find yourselves disagreeing on a significant issue, you can try resolving your issues through mediation.

Tips for Finding a Family Law Mediator

One of the quickest ways to find a family law mediator is by asking for referrals. You can ask for recommendations from, among others;

  • Family and friends
  • Your therapist
  • Your marriage counselor
  • The local courthouse
  • Family law attorneys
  • Online directories
  • Online forums and communities

Once you have gotten recommendations, conduct research on potential mediators. Some of the things to look for in a family law mediator include;

  • Appropriate training
  • Experience
  • Specialization in family law
  • Subject-matter knowledge
  • Neutrality and impartiality
  • A personality that fits
  • Excellent communication skills

Before hiring a mediator, it is crucial to interview them. The questions you ask potential mediators should be aimed at helping you decide whom to hire. The following are some of the questions to ask a family law mediator before hiring them;

  • What kind of training do you have?
  • What kind of cases do you mediate?
  • How many similar cases have you handled?
  • Do you need to be a certified mediator in our state, and if so, are you certified?
  • How long have you been mediating family law cases?
  • Why are you a good fit for my case?
  • What are your fees, and what do those fees include?
  • How will you mediate my case?

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