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Relocating With Your Child After Divorce: How To Help Your Child Cope


After a divorce, there are several reasons why a parent would want to relocate with their child. However, in Florida, the law is strict about relocating with a minor child after a divorce. Parents must follow the law when relocating with minor children. Otherwise, they may face legal consequences. According to Florida law, if a parent wishes to move with their child more than 50 miles from the principal place of residence at the time of the last order establishing or modifying time-sharing for at least 60 consecutive days, they must inform the other parent and obtain their consent. If the other parent refuses to consent, the parent who wants to relocate can petition for relocation. If the court finds it is in the child’s best interest to relocate, it will grant a court order allowing the parent to relocate with the child.

If you have gotten consent from your child’s other parent to relocate with your child or the court has permitted you to move with your child, you may be wondering how you can help your child cope with the move. Relocation can be hard on children, especially when the move is accompanied by another significant change in the child’s life, such as divorce. To make relocating with your child after divorce easier, the following are some of the steps you can take;

  1. Explain Why the Move Is Necessary

It is vital that your child understands why the move is necessary. When your child understands why it is necessary for you to move, it can help them cope with the upcoming changes. It can reduce uncertainty and anxiety by providing a sense of predictability and understanding.

When explaining why the relocation is necessary, remember to use age-appropriate language. Additionally, be patient with your child, listen to them, and reassure them.

  1. Familiarize Your Child With the New Area

You can use photos and maps to familiarize your child with the new area. You and your child can even visit the place in advance. Familiarity can make the transition less overwhelming for your child. Familiarizing your child with the new area can help reduce anxiety and the fear of the unknown.

  1. Tell Your Child About the Advantages of Moving

Another thing that can help make relocating with your child easier is describing good things about the place you plan to move to that your child might appreciate, such as amusement parks, lakes, and mountains.

  1. Make the New House Feel Like Home

When relocating with a child to a new place after a divorce, you want to ensure you make their new house feel like home. You can do this by allowing your child to help you decorate the house and participate in designing or furnishing their room. Additionally, to make the new house feel like home, let your child move with their favorite things, such as blankets and toys.

  1. Help Your Child Maintain Previous Relationships

Finally, you can make relocation easier on your child if you help them keep in touch with friends from the previous neighborhood or school through calls, letters, or personal visits.

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