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Questions To Ask Before Marriage That Can Reduce the Chances of Divorce


Love is a powerful and essential foundation of a successful marriage. However, the truth is that love alone is often not enough. It is crucial that before couples get married, they address important issues. Before tying the knot, partners need to ask each other certain important questions that can help them better understand each other and align their values and expectations. Some topics may seem irrelevant before marriage, but they might become relevant in the future. Not discussing these topics can lead to problems down the road. Couples that fail to address crucial issues before marriage can face major problems in their marriages that result in divorce. The truth is many divorces can be avoided if couples communicate openly before tying the knot. In this article, we share some of the crucial questions partners should ask each other before getting married that can reduce the chances of divorce.

  1. How will we handle our finances after we get married?

One of the leading causes of divorce is money problems. Therefore, one of the most important topics to cover before marriage is the topic of finances. Before getting married, it is important for spouses to understand if they will join finances. If a couple plans on combining finances after marriage, it is crucial that they understand how they will do that. It is important that spouses discuss how household finances will be handled. Will one person take care of the bills, or will you do it together? Consider how savings, debts, and investments will be handled.

  1. Do you want children?

Another crucial topic that partners need to address before they get married is the topic of children. If spouses cannot agree on whether or not they want children, it can cause problems in the marriage. Also, spouses who want children must be on the same page about how they want to go about it. When do you want to have children? Do you wish to adopt or have children naturally?

  1. What is your parenting style?

If both individuals want children, the next important thing to discuss is how they will parent them. Couples should talk about how they will share parental responsibilities. Will one party need to stop working and stay home with the children? Will one party expect the other to do all the parenting?

If one party already has children and is bringing them into the marriage, discussing the new parent’s role in the children’s life is crucial.

  1. How will we be resolving conflict?

One of the strategies that can help a marriage succeed is coming up with ways of resolving conflicts before they arise. Questions to ask that can help you create a way that you both agree can help with conflict resolution include;

  • Do you get angry easily?
  • How do you handle stress?
  • Do you prefer to talk about an issue immediately or calm down first and revisit the issue later?
  • Are you willing to seek outside or professional help?
  1. What is your communication style?

Finally, before individuals marry, they must understand each other’s communication style. Yes, you need to communicate about communication. Does one party communicate better in writing? Does one party need time to think about things? Discussing communication styles is crucial, as effective communication is one of the backbones of a healthy, happy, and successful marriage.

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