Is There Anything In Particular I Should Do Once My Divorce Is Finalized? Orlando Divorce Lawyer
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Is There Anything in Particular I Should Do Once My Divorce Is Finalized?


As attorneys who practice divorce law and every other area of family law here in Orlando, we frequently advise clients about what they need to take into account in planning for and going through their divorce. However, there are a number of important items that need to be addressed after the divorce is finalized; items that we discuss in greater detail below.

Adjust Core Identity Documents

Most people find that making adjustments to the most important identity documents that are linked to everything else, such as their driver’s license, social security card, passport, etc., makes all the other changes run smoothly. Make sure that you bring your divorce judgment with you to the department of motor vehicles and other locations to make these changes. Other changes that will likely need to be made include title and registration for your car, auto insurance policies, insurance policies, and any other documents that you and your attorney identify as potentially being affected by the divorce; some of which we go into greater detail on below.

Other Important Accounts & Legacy Planning Documents

Once these changes are made, you will want to move onto bank accounts, credit cards, insurance policies, and other important accounts. In addition, you will want to make a number of changes linked to any estate and legacy planning you have done. This includes changing beneficiary forms linked to brokerage accounts, life insurance policies, and retirement accounts (your 401(k), pensions, annuities, etc.), as well as documents put in place that designate who will make major medical and financial decisions if you become incapacitated (i.e. power of attorney and healthcare proxy documents). This also includes making changes and updates to your will. Just make sure that any changes that you make comport with what your divorce settlement dictates.

Property Transfers & Other Mandates in The Settlement

Your divorce settlement also likely describes  any property transfers that you will need to make, such as portions of your retirement accounts. In order to transfer any of this, you and your attorney will need to file a Qualified Domestic Relations Order. Make sure that you also note any other obligations listed in the divorce settlement, such as child support and spousal maintenance payments that must be made, and parenting schedules established. Also make a note of any property that needs to be transferred in a timely manner.

Addressing Changes Regarding the Family Home

Addressing any paperwork linked to your home is also very important; whether you and your ex have decided to continue to jointly own the home, or you are selling, buying out your ex’s interest, etc. You will need to remove your ex’s name from the title and retitle the deed to reflect your new status as divorced. What you do not want to deal with is having your ex’s name still on the deed if you go to sell your home 10-15 years later.

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