How Can Divorcing Parents Reduce The Negative Impact Of Divorce On Their Children? Orlando Divorce Lawyer
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How Can Divorcing Parents Reduce The Negative Impact Of Divorce On Their Children?


Divorce can be difficult for the divorcing parties. Unfortunately, when children are involved, divorce can be more difficult on the children than on the parents. While some children react to divorce in an understanding way, many children have difficulty accepting the situation. Some commonly seen effects of divorce on children include loss of interest in social activity, poor academic performance, difficulty adapting to change, anger, the introduction of destructive behavior, and feelings of guilt. Fortunately, with some help, children can experience the divorce transition as an adjustment rather than a crisis.

There are several things parents can do to help minimize the negative impact of divorce on their children. The following are some things parents can do to limit how hard divorce is for their children.

Address the Situation as a Family

If you know you are not going to change your mind about divorce, it is advisable that you and the other parent talk to your child about the impending divorce together. Often, having a sit-down discussion where both parents can talk about the imminent divorce with the children is the best thing to do.

When it comes to speaking to your child about divorce, it is crucial that you and the other parent pass the same message. Giving children different messages can lead to confusion. It is also vital that you keep things simple. There is no need to provide too many details to children. Generally, a child only needs to know that they are not to blame for the divorce and that both parents will always love them and be there for them.


It can be traumatizing for a child to watch their parents fight during a divorce. Therefore, as a parent going through a divorce, you must try your best to cooperate with your child’s other parent. If you are constantly arguing and fighting in front of your child during your divorce, they might think they caused the fights.

Commit to Positivity

Suppose the other parent blames you for the divorce. You might feel tempted to speak negatively about them to your child in such a case. You might also be tempted to talk negatively about your child’s other parent if they are speaking negatively about you. Despite what you feel, you must avoid speaking badly about the other parent in front of your child. You need to support a relationship between your child and the other parent. Not only do you risk damaging your child’s relationship with their other parent when you badmouth the other parent in front of your child, but you also risk causing your child to think they portray similar characteristics as the “bad parent.”

Wait To Introduce a New Partner

If you start dating, although it is not advisable to start dating before your divorce is finalized, you must take time before introducing your partner to your child. For instance, wait to be sure that the relationship is serious before taking the step to introduce someone to your child.

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