Five Things Children Do Not Want Their Parents To Do During and After Divorce Orlando Divorce Lawyer
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Five Things Children Do Not Want Their Parents To Do During and After Divorce


No one gets married expecting to get a divorce in the future. However, the reality is that divorces happen all the time. When people divorce, they are usually hurt, sad, and sometimes even angry. Unfortunately, often, parents allow their emotions to get the best of them. Parents often forget what is best for their children during and after divorce.

It is crucial that if you are a parent going through a Florida divorce, you try your best to ensure you do what is in your child’s best interest. The way parents behave during and after divorce has a huge impact on positive outcomes for children. With this in mind, in this article, we would like to educate you on five things children do not want their parents to do during and after divorce.

Badmouthing the Other Parent

The destruction of a family is painful enough for a child without being involved in their parents’ marital conflict. Speaking badly about the other parent can have different effects on a child. For example, if you constantly talk bad about the other parent to your child, your child may feel like you want them to take sides. Children do not want to choose sides because they love both parents and want to maintain a loving relationship with both parents. When your child feels like you want them to pick sides, they may become emotionally conflicted and confused.

Badmouthing the other parent can also lead to a child developing low self-esteem. If you badmouth the other parent and then tell your child that they sound just like the other parent, your child may take that to mean that they are also bad.

Discouraging Them From Talking About Their Other Parent

After divorce, you need to let your child talk about their other parent whenever they want to. Children want to talk about their lives with their parents, and that includes talking about the other parent. However, if your child says negative things about their other parent, you must avoid adding to the negativity. Instead, when your child talks negatively about their other parent, help them find a way to solve the problem at hand.

Revealing Every Single Detail About the Divorce

It is vital that you avoid sharing too much information with your child during and after divorce. You do not have to tell your child all the details of your divorce. When you spare your child some details of your divorce, you make divorce easier on them. Sharing even the “dirty” details of your divorce with your child can result in, among many other things, stress, anxiety, trouble at school, and behavioral issues.

Keeping Them in the Dark

However, it is important that you share information that is worth sharing with your child. If you keep your child in the dark, they may feel deceived.

Putting Them in the Middle

Lastly, children do not want to be used as messengers. For example, it would be best to avoid sending your child to deliver child support checks to their other parent. Parents should talk to each other instead of using children as a go-between.

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