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Divorce & Domestic Violence: How Can I Escape With a Plan?


Divorce is difficult enough without also having to be concerned about domestic violence issues.

And yet, this is the sad reality for many, as seeking a divorce from an abusive partner can sometimes lead to violence for these victims.

For many, verbal abuse often escalates into physical abuse, and kills hundreds of women in every state each year. In some states, 40 percent or so of women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime, with 10 percent or so of homicides linked to domestic violence in one year alone.

If you are leaving an abusive partner, you want to ensure that you work with someone who can first help you create a safety plan for yourself, and possibly obtain a domestic violence injunction. In many cases, various other measures designed to protect victims of domestic violence are also needed, as discussed in greater detail below.

GPS Monitoring After Domestic Violence

While Florida does not yet mandate a successful pre-trial monitoring program for domestic violence offenders, some counties in the state—such as St. Johns—do sometimes require that anyone who has been accused of misdemeanor domestic violence or a related offense wear a GPS monitor when they are released from jail, regardless of whether they have gone to trial and been convicted yet. Meanwhile, bills have been introduced in various parts of the country to fund electronic monitoring programs, allowing some offenders to wear GPS monitors while they wait for trial in domestic violence, stalking, and/or sexual assault.

Pre-Trial Monitoring & Other Measures after Domestic Violence

Pre-trial monitoring is also important because it can provide victims with peace of mind and help ensure that offenders stick to bail conditions. However, it comes with its costs and the need for appropriate training for police officers, in particular, so that they know how to properly respond when problems arise concerning distance between the victim and offender.

Other states are taking additional measures—such as petitioning courts to remove firearms from offenders—in an effort to protect domestic violence victims.

Domestic Violence: A Public Health Crisis

Some legislators have referred to domestic violence as a “public health crisis,” vowing to take initiative in combating the problem. While injunctions, GPS monitoring, and pre-trial monitoring are all important, increased enforcement and penalties against abusers—allowing courts to extend orders of protection without also mandating burdensome documentation—are also crucial.

Victims also need “panic buttons” so that they can obtain help ASAP when needed, as well as access to shelters that allow pets so that victims feel safe and able to flee when they need to. 

Florida Domestic Violence Lawyers

If you are a domestic violence victim contemplating divorce, seeking help is key in order to ensure that you are properly protected for the long-haul. Contact one of our Orlando domestic violence and divorce attorneys at the Arwani Law Firm today to find out how we can help you.







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