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6 Qualities of a Competent Family Lawyer


Dealing with family law-related issues can be difficult. Whether you are about to get a divorce or dealing with other issues like child support, domestic violence, or adoption, it is best that you retain a family lawyer. However, it is not enough to hire any attorney. You need to hire a competent one who can protect your rights, fight for you, and guide you every step of the way. But how do you choose the right lawyer?

Choosing the right family law attorney to help with your case can be challenging. To ensure you choose a competent lawyer, you need to know what to look for. You need to understand the qualities that make up a competent lawyer. Below, we share some of the qualities a competent family lawyer should have;


One of the most crucial qualities to look for in a family lawyer is experience. The right family lawyer has experience in handling family law cases like yours. An experienced attorney is more likely to understand the laws that apply to your case. A lawyer with experience is likely to understand better the interpretation and application of the laws that apply to your case. Additionally, an experienced attorney can predict potential issues that might arise in your case and prepare effective strategies for dealing with the problems.

Good Communication Skills

Your family lawyer should be able to get their points across to you in a manner you understand. If you cannot understand most of the things a family law attorney says, then hiring them may not be wise.

Good Listening Skills

A family lawyer should listen to their clients. They should avoid doing all the talking. How will a lawyer know what you want to achieve at the end of the case if they don’t listen to you? How will they know what victory looks like to you? If a family lawyer listens to you during the consultation meeting, it is a sign they will listen to you throughout your case as it progresses. On the other hand, if an attorney does all the talking during the consultation meeting, it may be a sign that even during your case, they won’t listen to you.


You are going through a difficult time. You need an attorney who can be patient with you as you deal with your emotions. However, it does not mean it is okay for you to allow your emotions to take control and then expect your attorney to figure things out. That said, the right attorney should be able to help you manage your feelings if you allow them.


You need a lawyer who objectively looks at evidence, facts, and your entire case. You need an attorney who gives you the strengths and weaknesses of your case and looks at all the reasonable options the court has.

Courtroom Experience

Finally, it is vital that you check if an attorney has courtroom experience. If your case goes to court, you want to have someone by your side who can present your case in front of the court in the best way possible. You want a lawyer who can argue persuasively and confidently in court.

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