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5 Things You Can Lose In A Divorce


Getting a divorce is always a painful and stressful experience not only because you are saying goodbye to the person you thought you would spend the rest of your life with but also because you risk losing several other things.

Ending a marriage can transform your life in an instant. Losing your spouse is not the only thing you can lose in a divorce. Being represented by an Orlando divorce attorney can make the process less confusing and stressful.

What Can You Lose in a Divorce?

Consider the things you can end up losing when your divorce is final:

  1. Your Children

If you and your spouse share children, you will have to agree to a mutually acceptable custody arrangement or go to court to have the judge decide for you. While Florida courts favor joint custody arrangements where both parents share equal timesharing and parental responsibilities, you are likely to lose some time with your kids.

If the court determines that it is in the best interests of the child to award sole custody to the other parent due to child abuse or neglect, you may end up losing your children altogether.

  1. The Standard of Living Established During the Marriage

Many people do not think about the impact of their divorce on their standard of living. Most divorcees are unable to maintain the same standard of living established during the marriage. You may end up looking for a higher-paying job to get yourself closer to the standard of living enjoyed during the marriage.

It is vital to reevaluate your budget and spending habits after the divorce to be able to manage finances more efficiently.

  1. Your Spouse’s Employer Benefits

A large percentage of Americans have insurance coverage through their spouse’s employer-provided insurance. Most people lose their spouse’s employer benefits when they get a divorce. Therefore, if you do not work for an employer that offers the same benefits, you may no longer enjoy your former spouse’s employer-provided benefits.

  1. Your In-Laws

While the idea of not having to see their in-laws is favorable for many divorcees, people who have a close relationship with their spouse’s relatives may find it painful to say goodbye to their in-laws once and for all. While many divorcees are able to maintain a healthy relationship with their in-laws even after the divorce, others stop communicating with their former spouse’s relatives.

  1. Some of Your Friends

Married couples have many shared friends. It is not uncommon for those friends to pick sides and stop communicating with one of the spouses after the divorce. In some cases, a married couple’s shared friends stop communicating with both spouses altogether. Either way, do not be surprised if you lose some of your friends following your divorce.

Speak with an Orlando Divorce Attorney

A divorce is always a devastating experience, even more so if you do not know what you risk losing when your divorce becomes final. Contact a skilled divorce attorney to discuss your particular situation and determine what you can lose when your marriage ends. Speak with our attorney Rania Arwani by calling 407-254-0060.

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