What Are The Benefits Of Using Collaborative Law For Your Florida Divorce? Orlando Divorce Lawyer
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What Are the Benefits of Using Collaborative Law for Your Florida Divorce?


Florida is one of several states that allow couples to use collaborative law to resolve their family law matters. While some people are still skeptical about the effectiveness of a collaborative process, an increasing number of couples take advantage of collaborative law to resolve their divorce cases in Florida.

6 Benefits of Using Collaborative Law for Your Divorce

There are several good reasons to resolve your divorce case via a collaborative process:

  1. Faster than litigation. When seeking a collaborative divorce, you are not bound by any court deadlines or hearing dates. This factor alone can considerably speed up your divorce case.
  2. Complete control over the process. When seeking a collaborative divorce, you do not put your fate in the hands of a judge unfamiliar with your family dynamics, history, and unique circumstances. With collaborative divorce, you get to control the entire process.
  3. Solve issues on your own terms. As mentioned above, you do not have a judge deciding your fate and issuing orders you disagree with. When using collaborative law to resolve your divorce, you retain decision-making control over all of the family law matters in your case.
  4. Less expensive than litigation. If you and your spouse agree to negotiate all the terms of a divorce using collaborative law, you can save a considerable amount of money.
  5. Keep the process confidential. One of the advantages of collaborative divorce is the ability to keep your divorce case confidential. The collaborative process will consist of a series of confidential meetings that are never a part of the public record.
  6. Collaborate with experts and legal professionals. With a collaborative divorce, you have the opportunity to collaborate with experts and legal professionals to help you obtain the most favorable outcome. Consult with an Orlando collaborative divorce lawyer at Arwani Law Firm to help you determine the best way to proceed with your particular case.

The Collaborative Divorce Process in Florida

If you and your spouse agreed to use collaborative divorce for your divorce, each party should hire a skilled lawyer to represent their interests throughout the process. Then, spouses and their attorneys will take part in several private meetings to resolve various family law matters, including:

  • Visitation and timesharing
  • Child support
  • Property distribution
  • Alimony

Spouses who hire a lawyer specially trained in collaborative law have a greater degree of control over the collaborative divorce process, the outcome, and the settlement. If the parties struggle with negotiating or finding a middle ground, they may consult with other neutral experts, including divorce coaches, mediators, custody evaluators, child specialists, and others.

To initiate the collaborative divorce process, you and your spouse must draft a collaborative divorce agreement and make full disclosure of all relevant information. However, a judge may refuse to accept your collaborative divorce agreement if your divorce case involves allegations of domestic violence.

If you decided to try using collaborative law to resolve your divorce case in Florida, schedule a free consultation with an attorney trained in the collaborative process. Contact our Orlando collaborative divorce lawyers at Arwani Law Firm by calling at 407-254-0060.

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