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How does joint custody/time-sharing work in Florida?

Joint custody, time-sharing or joint parenting is when both parents have overnights with the children and have a say in the children’s life. You can attempt to settle with the parent, the other parent, and if you can’t settle, you’re going to have to go to court and have a judge make the ultimate decision for both of you. Now, what the judge is going to decide is how the time-sharing schedule is going to look, how the summers are going to be spent, how the school week is going to be spent, and how the holidays are going to be spent.

Another thing the judge is going to make a decision on is the actual decision making, which is a part of the parenting plan. At that point, usually what happens is these decision making rights are split between the parents or equally between the parents, which means that both parents have equal rights and both parents are going to have to agree on major decision making.

Sometimes there are reasons for one parent to have sole decision making on specific issues. If you’re a parent and you think you might be able to get sole decision making on some issues, please talk to an attorney to figure out if that is something that you can have.

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