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Monthly Archives: July 2020


If I’m Going Through a Divorce, Do I Have a Right to The Family Home If My Spouse Is the Only One Listed On the Mortgage?

By Arwani Law Firm |

Property division—alongside custody (or “timesharing” here in Florida)—is one of the issue areas that individuals going through divorce are most… Read More »

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What Happens When Parents Battle Over Which State Has Jurisdiction to Decide On Child Custody?

By Arwani Law Firm |

When it comes to child custody (known as “timesharing” in Florida), the issue of jurisdiction can become complicated for some… Read More »

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In A Rapidly-Changing Environment, Collaborative Process Offers Unique Benefits

By Arwani Law Firm |

Collaborative law – defined in Florida as “a unique non adversarial process that preserves a working relationship between the parties… Read More »

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